BK OQRS System

BK OQRS System
Hello to all (BK OQRS System)
This is a special program for amateur radio operator And QSL manager
written in PHP 7
founder and developer KHALID - A61BK....
  • Add Multi callsign
  • Upload LOG ADI file
  • Easy installation
  • print qsl cards online
  • print Envelope
  • print design
  • Add Multi Page
  • PayPal Integration
  • and more....
You do not have a website
No problem I will help you to get your site
Example : www.it9aug.com
  • Website $5 Monthly
  • And a domain name $10 yearly

  • OR get via QTH.COM
Admin panel demo: BK OQRS System
Admin Login:
Username: admin
Password: admin1234
Get it now
Get it now